Movement Preparation Part 1: Isolated Mobility


Movement Preparation Part 1: Isolated Mobility


Warm-ups. Who really has time to write

each client a specific warm-up? Surely we

can just make it up as we go? Maybe.

As trainers ourselves we understand

that you’re busy individuals and the time

required to write a specific warm-up

for each client can seem laborious and

inefficient. But what if you could write

a session or client specific warm-up

in minutes? Thus saving you time and

providing your clients with an even better

quality of service. At LTB we have tried

to solve this problem with the latest

installment of our essentials series,

Movement Preparation.

Ankles, Adductors, Wrists, Hamstrings, Hips, T-Spine, and Shoulder are all covered in this comprehensive guide to isolated mobility

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