LTB Magazine Issue 3 (Digital)


LTB Magazine Issue 3 (Digital)

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Welcome to another information packed edition of LTB magazine.

This issue sees the exciting inclusion of issue 2 of the amazing Motivator from Habitry (Usually a $20 product in it's own right) and we are thrilled that the LTB magazine is the new home of the Motivator. Coach Stevo and Omar’s work on motivational science is incredible useful in underpinning everything we do as personal trainers.

We also welcome Michael Goulden, Jean-Claude Vacassin, and Nick Tumminello to our list of contributors, along with many others. As always, we have you covered whether you are a mobile trainer, work online, a facility owner or based in a private or commercial gym with articles on a variety of subjects.

Chris talks about immediacy, his word of the year so far, Gregg kicks off the first of 2 articles on his pet subject, autoregulation, and we have real life experiences from our LTB members throughout. Joseph Agu and Cathy Macdonald make a return appearance with more on nutrition and communication respectively and the Shredded By Science guys talk social media. As always I struggle to pick out favourites and it’s difficult not to list everything as it’s all so good!

With the change in structure this quarter our review section has changed slightly, including some gems on the things covered that mean you can benefit from reading the section even if you didn’t make the events. 



Gym Profile Boards: Claire describes what makes a good profile board

Immediacy: Chris discusses the ultimate 21st century, 1st world problem

High Standards: Jean-Claude Vacassin talks about the importance of service standards

Movement Method: LTB talks to Alex Quinn and Jonathon Last about their body movement based training company

Lead Generation For Mobile Trainers: LTB members share their successful approaches

Networking: Build Yourself A Sales Team Identify who can help you make sales

An Interview With Nick Tumminello LTB speaks to the NSCA personal trainer of the year 2016

Beyond The Trolls, Time Wasting And Twitter Tantrums: The 3 core social media principles for the personal trainer

Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Your First Website: Learn from website experts Maven


Is There A Relationship Between The Perception Of Taste And Obesity?: Alex examines the connection

Evidence Based Or Client Centred? Michael Goulden covers the 3 questions you need to answer

Play: Tom Bainbridge discusses its importance

Autoregulation: Application Within A Personal Training Setting: Gregg explains more on the subject

Pre-Bed Protein For Muscle Hypertrophy: A look at the science by Joseph Agu

What The Science Says


30 Days To Rock A Clients Life: LTB gym onboarding process

Time To Hurdle Those Listening Barriers: Communication corner with Cathy MacDonald

Is Education Always The Answer?

Habitry: Motivator issue 2 Journal of motivational science (Value $20)

PT Life:

Do You Have To Be In Good Shape To Be A Good Trainer? Claire addresses this controversial question

Starting A Podcast:Stuart shares what he's learnt through starting the LTB podcast

Posting On Social Media For The First Time: Mike Peake shares his experience

LTB Members Around The Globe: Meet some of our members based outside the UK

Standing Out From The Crowd: Eoin Murphy on how to showcase your differences

5 Reasons Every Personal Trainer Should Write A Blog: Nick Tumminello's advice on Blogs

The Importance of Income Protection: Financial Fitness share their expertise

Following Your True North: Shona on not comparing yourself to others

Toastmasters International: A great way to improve your public speaking skills

Member In Focus – Mobile Trainer

Member In Focus – Commercial Gym

Member In Focus – Online Trainer

Member In Focus – Facility Owner