LTB Magazine Issue 2 (Digital)


LTB Magazine Issue 2 (Digital)

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Welcome to the 2nd issue of LTB magazine

There’s information on every aspect of the job and I really think there is something for everyone. I can’t begin to decide on my favourite piece but I absolutely loved getting to interview the members in focus as well as Matt, Cathy and Tom and took loads from each conversation. Stuart’s quote at the start of his Habitry overview may have helped me reframe my entire life and Sadie’s tips on presenting have already been put to good use by me at the awards ceremony!



Gym Floor Lead Generation Dan share’s his tips on getting clients

An Interview With Cathy MacDonald Find out how Cathy’s experiences in the Police force have influenced her 

Why I Work For Free Chris shares the perfect plan for your free trial

Branding See how 2 LTB members identified their brands and got logos to reflect their values 

Systems, Systems, Systems Consider where you could improve your processes

Limited Company Or Self Employed Financial Fitness advise on the differences between these approaches to organising your business.

An Interview With Tom Crudgington Tom gives his advice on starting out and on getting your own facility amongst other things

From Lead To Sign Up Angie shares how LTB fitness do it.

Friends Of LTB Find out more about Strength Portal from Matt McGunagle

Build Your 2017 Action Plan Create your strategy for the year ahead by working through these points


Your Clients Aren’t Powerlifters Gregg questions the use of 1 rep max testing

Different Parts, Different Protocols Jonathan discusses gender differences in programming

Training Clients With Fibromyalgia What you need to know if you train people who suffer with this condition.

Pelvic Floor Considerations How to programme for this critical muscle

Yoga vs Pilates Learn the differences between these disciplines 

Is An Exercise Right For Your Client's Programme? Stuart shares some questions to ask to help answer this

Deadlifts Aren’t Magic Ali breaks down all you need to know about this exercise

Is Too Much Protein Bad For The Kidneys? Find out what the research says on this subject

What The Science Says


Communication Corner Learn about the power of emotion

Plug And Plays For Better Coaching Stuart shares his tips on becoming a better coach

What I’ve Learned From Coaching People Joseph Agu shares his experience of nutrition coaching.

Blurred Lines How to approach training a client who is struggling mentally

Why Isn’t “It” Working? Alex Pearson looks at ways to approach this difficult question

Service Standards How do you create a positive client experience?

Habits: Your Brain vs Your Mind Understanding habit formation


How To Write An Article Including tips from the editor on how to write for LTB magazine

Overwhelm Is Everywhere How you can make it easier to cope

Confessions Of A 30 Something, Slightly Insecure PT Hannah Cole shares her experiences

Balancing Personal Training With Family Life LTB members share their tips for overcoming the challenge

A Personal Trainers Guide To Teaching Classes

Starting Out Bradley Rix shares how he was able to get 19 clients within 3 weeks of starting as a PT

Member In Focus – Online Trainer

Member In Focus – Mobile Trainer

Member In Focus – Commercial Gym Trainer

Member In Focus – Facility Owner