Exercise Mechanics: Mastering Exercise with Michael Goulden


Exercise Mechanics: Mastering Exercise with Michael Goulden


Results is a sexy word. It’s what we sell to our clients. But how do we know they are the best results? How do we know we are not wasting our time? Are we being as efficient as we can be?

The goal of this seminar is simple: how can we build exercises that are safe, effective and efficient? 

As personal trainers, our primary form of stimulus for our clients is exercise. Exercise takes many shapes & forms, it has unique names and pre-determined protocols that gives this ‘thing’ life. The bench press, squat, deadlift. As soon as we see these words, we open a file and attribute certain results to these exercises.

In this one-day seminar, we will explore our traditional exercises (and some non-traditional) and ask the following questions:

- Is this exercise doing what we think it is?

- How do we know?

- If we need to, how do we modify it to be more efficient?

- How can we group exercises more efficiently?

The more efficient we become, the more efficient our exercises, ultimately the better our client’s results will become. 

By understanding the underlying principles of exercise, we are able to objectively assess our exercise and choose the most appropriate version.

Throughout this day we will cover key principles of exercise mechanics, spending the majority of the day assessing, analysing, cueing and experiencing exercise.


- Exercise Mechanics: Principle #1

- Lab #1: Squat

- Exercise Mechanics: Principle #2

- Lab #2: Bench Press

- Exercise Mechanics: Principle #3

- Lab #3: Pulldown

- Lab #4: Various exercises

- Client-centred coaching, cueing and communication

- Q&A”

Location for Edinburgh (22nd July): Origin Fitness, Cliftonhall Rd, Newbridge
Time: 10am - 4pm

Location for Stafford (23rd July): iMotion Gym, Unit 36, Guildhall Shopping Centre, Market Square, Stafford ST16 2BB
Time: 10am - 4pm

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